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About Naxos

Naxos is the biggest and largest island of Cyclades in Greece, in the Aegean Sea. The extent of the island is 435 sq. km and a coastline is approximately 150 kilometers. The form is an ellipsoid and with a mountainous volume from North to South across the island. In the backbone of this ridge dominate Zas Mountain (1004 m.) and Fanari (908 m.), the highest in Cyclades.

Moreover, Naxos is one of the most attractive and beautiful of the Greek Islands and is well known for the endless and golden sand beaches, crystal blue waters and high mountains, valleys and meadows, springs, streams and caves, the excellent cool climate and the unsurpassed local cuisine. Over 40 traditional villages, 500 churches, monuments, archaeological sites, beautiful drive on the mountains, lush valleys of citrus and olive groves make Naxos Island one of the best holiday destinations in Greece.

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Dimitra Studios and Apartments suggest you the most worthwhile attractions and sightseeing on Naxos:

“Portara” and the Temple of Apollo
“Portara” (meaning “the huge door” in Greek) is situated very close to the town of Naxos (Chora) on the small islet of Palatia, which is connected with the rest of the island with a narrow and low strip of land. What we see today is the gate between the antechamber and the nave of an ancient temple.

The Archaeological Museum of Naxos
The Archaeological Museum of Naxos is housed in a historic five-storey building, constructed in the 17th century to house the School of the Jesuits of the island. The building developed along the Frankish castle, incorporating two of the towers of the castle.

The Folk Museum at Kastro (town of Naxos)
The Folk Museum situated within the castle of the town of Naxos (Chora) is housed in the restored tower of Della Rocca Barozzi. The museum combines very well the history with the traditional everyday equipment of an old local house.

Grota’s archaeological site
Excavations made under Metropolis square have revealed some remains of the Mycenaean city of Naxos (1600 – 1100 B.C). The place has been landscaped and it is open to the public.

The “Kouroi” of Naxos
One of the most interesting sightseeing of Naxos is three “Kouroi”, that is to say statues of young men, left unfinished at the place where once the artists had started to sculpt them. All three statues are dated in the Archaic period (7th – 6th centuries b.C.). Two of them lie at Flerio, near the village of Melanes, at a distance of some 9 kilometers far from the town of Naxos (Chora), whereas the third and bigger one is found near the village of Apollonas, some 35 kilometers far from Chora.

The sanctuary of Demeter and Apollo in Sagri
At a distance of 3 kilometers southern to Ano Sangri, are found the ruins of the sanctuary of the ancient gods Demeter and Apollo , dated in the late Geometric period, whereas the place seems to have been settled as early as in the Mycenaean times.

The museum of Apeiranthos
The village Apeiranthos has a museum of archeology, geology and folk art. In the archeological museum there are pre-historic exhibits that have been excavated from the southeastern part of the island.

Iria – Dionysus’ sanctuary
The Iria sanctuary, situated 5 kilometers south from Hora, at Livadi area, was the formal sanctuary of the city of Naxos, dedicated to Dionysus. During the various historical periods some buildings were destroyed and new ones were built over them. It has been discovered that at the fourth Iria temple (580-550 BC) was the beginning of classical Greek marble architecture. The restoration of the site is finished.

Plaka’s tower
It is an ancient Greek tower, situated on the dirt road, which connects the village Tripodes to Plaka beach.

Himarros’ tower
This tower is one of the most famous ancient monuments on the island and is situated towards the southeastern side of the island, about half way between Zas, Naxos’ highest mountain, and the sea of Kalantos. Himarros tower is an imposing, marble, circular fortress, belonging to the Hellenistic period (4-3 centuries B.C.).

Apalirou castle
It was the strongest fortress in Naxos and the administrative centre of the island during the Byzantine empire, situated on the top of an unapproachable mountain in the area of Sagri.

The fortified monastery of Fotodotis (light giver) Christ
It is situated next to the village of Danakos. According to a legend it was built by a princesse during the byzantine years.

The church of Protothroni Virgin
The church of Protothroni Virgin (9th-10th cent.) in the village Halki is the biggest Byzantine church in Naxos, with important wall paintings..

The church of Drosiani Virgin
The church of Drosiani Virgin near the village of Moni is one of the best-preserved monuments from the early Christian era in the whole of southeastern Europe. It was constructed in three stages starting from the early Christian period. The oldest frescoes are from the 7th century.

The fortified monastery of Virgin Mary (Ipsilotera)
A monastery-tower dedicated to the Virgin Mary built in 1600, situated on the road, which leads from the village Galini to the coast of Amitis.

The Cave of Zas
The mountain Zas (1004m.) is the highest mountain not only of Naxos, but also of the entire Cyclades complex. It is situated at the Southeast of the village of Filoti and offers a unique experience of natural beauty to the visitors who like hiking.

And many more. We’ll be very glad to answer your questions and give you information about the villages and the sightseeing. Hotel Dimitra Studios Rooms and Apartments staff is always at your disposal in order to offer you the best, relaxing, peaceful, calm, unforgettable holidays. Just leave everything on our hands and enjoy your vacation in Naxos Island. Enjoy your holidays in Kastraki beach.

Best beaches

Naxos is a truly blessed island, with some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Long stretches of golden sand with the most amazing color of blue sea you will ever see. Most of them have thin, white sand, while one can find pebbled beaches as well as rocky ones.

Due to the long coastline you can enjoy more than 30 different beaches from which to dive into incredibly clear water, walk on their white sands or go diving, snorkeling, sailing or windsurfing, or just lay down under the sun. Visit the best beaches on Naxos such as Kastraki beach, Agios Prokopios, Agios Georgios, Agia Anna, Plaka, Stelida, Moutsouna, Agiassos, Lionas, Apollonas, Pirgaki, Mikri Vigla, Orkos, Alyko. Most of the beaches are on the bus route. Enjoy a whole array of incredibly exciting and fun activities for kids of every age.


Naxos has a lot to offer when it comes to sight-seeing and activities. There are plenty of sports that combine exercise with the contact of the beautiful landscapes of the island. You can enjoy water sport activities during your beach holidays to Naxos and Hotel Dimitra Studios Rooms and Apartments suggests activities such as diving, water skiing, tubing, ”banana” riding, canoeing, kite surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, sailing, swimming, snorkeling along as with beach volley and rackets, basketball, and football. Naxos is one Greek island that offers you plenty to do on land as well, with activities including horse riding, cycling, walking, jogging and hiking.

You can explore the countryside of Naxos with a bicycle, bike, 4 wheeler or car from Tony’s Bikes rental center. Naxos is a perfect Greek island to be explored on foot. It has numerous trails and paths through olive groves, orchards, monasteries, churches and traditional villages. Hotel Dimitra Studios Rooms and Apartments can be the starting point and your base to discover the island. In Naxos you’ll find everything you could want for a fantastic holiday.

Local Products

Naxos is a very fertile island and you will certainly confirm this from the local products you will try. The most well known product is the potato, excellent and very delicious. You will also find nice wines, gorgeous fruit and vegetables and high quality olive oil. Equally famous are the local cheeses: the local ”graviera”, the “xinotiro” (soft sour cheese) and the “mizithra” (soft or hard more or less salted cheese). The local meat is also very nice: you will find lamb and kid meat, but also veal and pork. People of Naxos like feasts and have a long tradition in local music, in satiric poems and dance.

So, they have made nice products suitable for these occasions, as the traditional liquors; the most famous among them is the sweet-smelling citron liquor, which you will find in almost all the stores of Chora, but also in the villages and tourist resorts. Of course, you may taste them in the traditional cafés and taverns. Food is a big part of everyday life in Naxos Greece. There are many taverns and restaurants, right on the beach and in the charming alleyways that serve both local delicacies and a variety of international cuisine. Also don’t miss to taste and buy the local sweets, made of local fruits.

Finally, you will find a lot of local handicraft products, as woven clothes and embroidery, as well as traditional ceramic vessels, whose shapes and decoration follow the long tradition of the island, going back to the Neolithic times.


Naxos is an extremely well-developed island with many entertainment venues, offering visitors a lot of different options. Along the beachfront drive and in the small side streets of Naxos Town (Chora) there are hundreds of cafes, bars, clubs and live music halls, some of the most exciting in Naxos nightlife. The seaside resorts on Plaka, Agios Prokopios, Stelida and Agia Anna, located just south of Naxos Town (Chora), also provide a wide selection of nightlife venues. Apollon village, situated on the north-eastern side of the island, is a favorite place to enjoy a delicious meal and to relax with a cool drink while gazing at the small fishing port.

How to get here

By Sea
There are plenty sea schedules to Naxos Island from Piraeus Port (Athens), Rafina port (East Athens) and from the neighbor islands. Journey time from Piraeus is 3.5 hours with catamaran and 5.5 hours with ferry.

By Air
Naxos is connected to Athens with Aegean and Sky Express. Journey time from Athens International Airport is only 40 minutes.

Getting to Naxos via Santorini international airport and Mykonos airport and then ferry cross to Naxos Island (1.5 – 2 hours) is an alternative option.

Useful Phone Numbers

Alpha Bank – (+30) 2285026101| (+30) 2285022209
National Bank – (+30) 2285022188
Bank of Greece – (+30) 2285025832

Port – (+30) 2285023292
Airport – (+30) 2285023292
Customs Office – (+30) 2285022238
Olympic Airlines – (+30) 2285023830
Aegean Airlines – (+30) 2286028500
Bus Station Service – (+30) 2285022291
RadioTaxi – (+30) 2285022444

Hospital of Naxos – (+30) 2285360500

Archaeological Museum Chora – (+30) 22850 22725
Geological Museum Apeiranthos – (+30) 2285061725
Natural Hist. Museum Apeiranthos – (+30) 2285061622
Folklore Museum Apeiranthos – (+30) 2285061629

Municipality of Naxos – (+30) 2285360100

Tourist Police – (+30) 2285022100
Fire Department – (+30) 2285032199

Post Office – (+30) 2285022211
Hellenic Communications (OTE) – (+30) 2285022599

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The small tourist resort of Kastraki (“small castle” in Greek) is situated at a distance of 15 kilometers southern to the town of Naxos (Chora), at the southern part of the western coast of the island.

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